Cushioned Ag Hitches

*Only at the Ames Location

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Cushioned Ag Hitches

SAFE AND SECURE. The full range spring package allows for cushioned towing that will not lock up with rust.

INVESTMENT. The spring “Cush’n” reduces transmission, differential, suspension and frame stress on your truck.

LOAD-SPREAD. Distributes tow load over larger area for less stress on truck frame.

PROXIMITY. The spring “Cush’n” allows the hitch to move freely when attaching, making hookup by a single person quick and easy.

Cushioned AG Hitch under a truck
Only at the Ames Location

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Product Line - Cushioned Ag Hitches

Quick n' Easy Cushioned Ag Hitch

Quick n' Easy

Quic Cush 'N 2 Cushioned Ag Hitch

Quic Cush 'N 2

Cush 'N Combo Cushioned Ag Hitch

Cush 'N Combo

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