• Alpha Towbar

    Alpha Towbar

    Product Features Self-aligning, 3-axis swivel design Mounts and stores on back of RV Self-aligning, with quick disconnect hookup pins Signature
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  • Avail Towbar

    Avail Towbar

    Product Features Improved turning radius, better cornering Fits wide or narrow towed vehicles Smoother towing over rough roads Revolutionary latch
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  • RVi3 Brake System

    RVi3 Brake System

    RVibrake3 is the smallest, easiest to use, portable auxiliary braking system available. The law requires that a tow vehicle have
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RVibrake3 is the smallest, easiest to use, portable auxiliary braking system available. The law requires that a tow vehicle have a braking system when RV towing a car with a Tow Bar or A-Frame system.

Unlike other portable braking systems, RVibrake3 housing pushes against the floor pan (the rise in the floor where the driver’s seat is mounted) instead of the soft seat when activating. This allowed RVibrake3 to be designed as small as possible making RVibrake3 easy to install and easy to stow.


One-Touch Auto Positioning

This is the magic of RVibrake. Automatically position RVibrake3 at the touch of a button. One-of-a-kind technology allows for a perfect 30 second setup every time. A simple interface with one button to rule them all.


 How RVibrake3 Knows When to Activate

The purpose of RVibrake3 is to take the weight of the towed vehicle off of the motorhome in a braking and reduce stopping distance. RVibrake3 is activated by an accelerometer that detects changes in inertia, the same force that draws your chest forward in a braking. Because RVibrake3 is proportional, the more inertia it sees, the harder it knows to push on the brake pedal in the towed vehicle.  The slope sensing software will keep RVibrake3 from being more sensitive downhill and less sensitive uphill, giving you accurate braking at all times. This software keeps your brake pads from having excessive wear. RVibrake3 will activate when there is enough inertia that you feel your body drawn forward in a braking.

  Truly Proportional 

RVibrake is the only portable braking system that is truly proportional, because it pushes against the solid floorpan and not the seat cushion. The harder you brake in the motorhome the harder RVibrake3 pushes on the brake pedal of your towed vehicle. RVibrake3's proportional technology provides smooth operation in moderate braking, or panic braking situations.





7" Touch Screen

The Command Center tablet is RVibrake3’s new monitor, giving you a brilliantly crystal clear 7” screen. An effortless user experience walks you through choosing the correct settings, monitors the proportional braking in real-time and alerts you of a hitch failure, resulting in a breakaway. As new “Works with Command Center” products hit the market, the tablet gives you one monitor with unlimited product expansion. The tablet’s elegant magnet mount enables you place the tablet where it works best in your RV.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Using RVi’s powerful proprietary Wi-Fi connection, we bring communication to the modern day, eliminating the need for external antennas. The encrypted Wi-Fi link also gives the ability to perform wireless software updates.

Built-in Support

The beauty of RVing is that you can do it any time. Most RVers travel on the weekends and this is when most support departments shut down. The Command Center tablet comes with a built-in Support app to answer almost any RVi related question you can think of or help you troubleshoot through a concern or issue no matter when you hit the road.